• DIY Tool Kit

    Get started with your very own DIY tool kit.

    DIY Tool Kit
  • Tool Safety Tips

    When working with both hand tools and power tools it is important to take tool safety seriously.

    Tool Safety Tips
  • Buying a Hammer

    Learn what to look for when buying a hammer.

    Buying a Hammer
  • Cordless Drill

    A cordless drill is ideal to start with if you are new to DIY projects around your home, as they are light easy to use.

    Cordless Drill
  • DIY Home Repairs

    Should you do you own DIY home repairs? This post will help you decide whether some tasks are worth doing yourself.

    DIY Home Repairs
  • How to use a Drill

    Learn the parts of a drill and how to operate a drill.

    How to use a Drill
  • Remove Mold

    Learn the cause of mold and mildew and several non-toxic ways to remove mold

    Remove Mold
  • Drill Bits

    Learn about the different types of drill bits you can use in DIY home repairs

    Drill Bits

DIY home improvement


DIY home repair tips and tricks of the trade

Learn DIY home repair tips and skills so you too can undertake many of your own home repairs, home maintenance and home improvement tasks.

Want to become self-sufficient around your own home?  Then Home Handywoman website is the place for you.

Home Handywoman provides you with the five “W’s” of home maintenance – the what, when, where, why and (w)how – through diverse learning methods to help you acquire the skills you need to complete your own DIY home repair projects quickly, efficiently and without costing the earth.

Ready to access and easy to use, assorted trades and expert advice are being gathered here on one site to help you develop the DIY do-it-yourself knowledge and skills you need to get things done and save money in the process.

In the meantime, I am sourcing material from one side of the globe to the other… There’s a lot going on behind this page. So stay tuned. Get in touch. And I will keep you posted.


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