Drill Bits

drill bits

Drill bits come in different types and sizes.  The purpose of this post is to provide a brief explanation of the most common types of drill bits.  These are the most common ones you are likely to use around your home.

A good quality set of high speed and masonry bits will be an excellent starting point.

High Speed General Purpose Bits

drill bits

  • High speed bits are an excellent all round type of bit to use use when drilling into wood, metal, plastics and plywood.

Brad Point (wood) bit

bradpoint drill bit

  • If you are making furniture or using timber for different projects a brad point bit is useful.
  • The sharp point at the end makes it easy for pin-pointing exactly where the centre of the hole is.
  • Pressing the bit into the center point prevents the bit from moving.
  • The shape of the bit allows the edge of the bit to cut a smooth hole through the timber.
  • Attach a bearing to the bit at the point where a specific depth is required.
  • The bearing acts as a stop and prevents the bit going further into the hole.

Masonry Bits

masonry drill bit

  • Masonry bits are used to drill a hole into brick work, block work, concrete or other types of masonry.
  • When drilling into masonry material switch the drill to hammer mode.
  • Hammer mode allows the bit to cut into the material much easier.
  • When the drill is used in “hammer mode” the drill vibrates as it drill into the concrete, brick, etc.
  • When drilling is finished remember to switch the hammer switch back to standard drilling mode.

Spade Bits

Spade bit

  • A spade bit is used for drilling large holes in material such as timber and doors.  For example you would use a spade bit to drill a hole for a door lock or inserting a pipe through a hole.
  • The sharp point is used to mark the centre point of the hole to ensure accurate cutting of the hole.

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