Home handywoman

Home Handywoman

Home handywoman website is about sharing with you tips and tricks of the trade so you too can save money by doing many of the basic home repairs and maintenance yourself and, at the same time, develop new skills.

My DIY days started in the mid 1970’s when I purchased my first 1950s home in Brisbane, Australia.

It had a one bedroom flat attached to the existing house, which I needed to get refurbished and rented within a month.  As a single parent with a toddler in toe I could not afford to pay a tradesmen to do the work for me.

With the assistance of my sister and brother-in-law we painted the flat throughout, sanded back and painted kitchen cupboards, and laid fresh tiles throughout.  This all happened over one Easter holiday break. A carpet layer laid fresh carpet the following week and the flat was leased out very quickly.

Once the flat was leased I started renovating my home.  I installed new kitchen cupboard doors and bench top, replaced tap ware, installed a new vanity basin, tiled the bathroom, built wardrobes in each of the bedrooms.

Anything I did not know how to do I asked trades people who were very helpful in providing advice.

Over the years I developed a swag of other skills in and around the home – how to fix the toilet, clear blocked pipes, change tap washers, replace light bulbs, build pergolas, pave patios, build retaining walls and fences, install automated irrigation, make furniture and much more.

In 1995 a friend and I purchased a 17-acre property on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Queensland, Australia).  We grew biodynamic Echinacea supplying the alternative health industry.

After biodynamic certification we expanded into supplying fresh organic vegetables to the southern markets.  All this while we both held down full-time jobs!

The skills and knowledge I acquired farming a biodynamic property I will share with you over time in future posts, including the “welding drop test”.

Home handywoman

Pauline in Echinacea field

As we live in uncertain geopolitical times my website will also provide ideas and suggestions on how to be self-sufficient and resilient in times of need.