Buying a Hammer

Buying a hammer for the first time may be confusing for the beginning DIY person as there are many different types of hammers on the market.

For example these include:

  • claw hammer,
  • tack hammer
  • ball peen hammer
  • sledge hammer
  • mallet

Each hammer is designed for a specific purpose.

Over the years I have accumulated a number of different hammers –  claw hammers, tack hammer, sledge hammers, wooden and rubber mallets.

When buying a hammer take into consideration the following points.

  • Does the hammer feel comfortable in your hand and not too heavy or large?
  • Is there muscle tension in your arm after a few minutes?
  • Will you be able to use it for hours on end if necessary without getting an aching arm?

The claw hammer commonly comes with a steel head and either a wood, fibreglass/composite or steel handle.

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